Diggitzz - The Jam

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    Peeking through my window
    Rolling up indo
    All I see is oppertunity
    What would be cool to be?
    Hm I’mma be just that
    That and alot more
    Got my life hope you got yours

    I said hey
    Nothing gon’ bring me down today
    No sir, no way
    People gon’ say what they gonna say,
    and that’s ok
    And that’s ok
    Can’t bring me down today

    [Verse 1]
    Last night was one for the books
    Turns out the goofball ain’t as dumb as he looks
    Told Mr. Employer take one in the toosh
    In other words motherfucker suck a dick and I poofed
    Not all woof, I ain’t doubt it would spark
    Thats my bitch there dog
    Carve that in some bark (hmm)
    We’d be VIP’s on the ark
    But today is all about the future we will embark
    In, gimme the mula
    I need to kill bills like uma
    Send that broad in imma school her
    Early in the morning, dick hard and I’m yawning
    Reach for the roach
    While the wife still snorring
    It ain’t no biggie on the westside
    Old amsterdam that’s the best high
    So notorious for this glorious bussiness of getting people airborne
    And this is the jam


    [Verse 2]
    From 88 till infinity
    Being this awesome, serendipity
    Witty me, he would be in class but foreally me
    Steady kicking ass over here like he ment to be
    Hold up, hold up, why is you nagging?!
    Overreacting, that shit ain’t actractive, get up get active and
    Start feelin like you are the best thing the man has ever crafted
    It ain’t the end till we all seen the goodlife
    Whatever that may be, it’s on you like
    If you happy clipping old folks toenails, by all means go and make a foot look right
    Don’t judge, I ain’t with all that
    That shit for the punks, quit all that
    I wanna look back and say yea i did all that, that be we, my fro and I


    When sunrays don’t seem to hit your face
    Move all that weight up out the way
    Go ahead let it play your song
    Turn it up and sing along


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    Deze gast he, wat een heerlijke chill muziek maakt hij toch :D