Best Of Bonkers Hardcore Generation - Scott Brown

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    Scott Brown & Hyperbass - We’re Droppin’ This (Plus System Remix)
    Plus System - Make You Freak
    Plus System - Prince Of Darkness
    Scott Brown - Turn Up The Music (Breeze & Styles Remix)
    Plus System - Commence
    Scott Brown - Wakey Wakey
    Plus System - Neckbreaker
    Sy & Unknown - Bring Me Round To Love (Scott Brown’s Evolution Remix)
    Scott Brown - Rock You Softly
    Scott Brown - All About You (Styles & Breeze Remix)
    Scott Brown - Taking Drugs?
    Plus System - This Is How We Do It
    Scott Brown - Elysium Plus
    Brisk & Ham - Angel Eyes
    Tommyknocker - Twist
    Art Of Fighters - Earthquake
    Scott Brown - Ghosts
    Hard Creation - Bastard / Asshole
    The Viper & Tommyknocker - The Prophecy Unfolds (Tha Playah Remix)
    Scott Brown - Boomstick