Het lekkere mixjes topic

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    Hier gewoon ff lekker mixjes dumpen

    @Sander u like?

  • Zit nu op ongeveer 20 minuten en het klinkt lekker

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    Elegant Sister Feat. Shimotsukei - 100k Subscriber Special

    Special live I did for Elegant Sister’s 100k subscriber celebration! This is the high quality recording which I’ve also mastered. This doesn’t include any of my talking so you can listen uninterrupted. I will upload the version with talking later. Thanks so much to ES for the opportunity. I really had fun talking to everyone on stream and I hope everyone had a good time. As I’d mentioned during the stream, you can always find me in ES’ discord if you’d like to ask me anything.


    Porter Robinson & Madeon - Shelter (Piano Version)
    Masakari - The Plays of Sad Machine
    Masakari - Sweet Kiss of Icarus (DnB Intro)
    MASAKARI - Brave New Darling!![MASAKARI Mash Up]
    Madeon - Pay No Mind ft. Passion Pit (YASUTAKA NAKATA ‘CAPSULE’ REMIX)
    Kankitsu - Our Secret
    tekalu - Alleycat
    Pull-in Box - Ki-KaI
    Taishi - Ehrenweg
    Nhato - Lamento
    X-traX – Dark Angel
    Kankitsu - Spirit
    Rita - 遥か彼方 (Remixed By Svenson)
    Lafale - Promenade To The Lighthouse
    Plutian - Letters to Heaven (Bernis Bootleg)
    Bernis - Constellation (Plutian Remix)
    Plutian & Lentorek - Be My Salvation (Original Mix)
    Shintaro - Iris
    Shintaro - Interstellar
    Aerial Flow ft. Hatsune Miku - Not Is Destination (Euphoric style)
    3R2 - Joy Of Love (Anthemic Trance Remix)
    Yuki Kajiura - I reach for the sun (Bernis Edit)
    Sakuzyo - reAdvent
    Ice - L0 -conclusion-
    Umiai - Fallen angel
    Tanchiky - Figure
    SHIKI - Pure Ruby
    Ice - Parodia Sonatina -Grande-
    Team Grimoire - Qliphoth
    witch’s slave - disperagioia
    -45 - The ArcticLight
    witch’s slave - artefatto vita
    -45 - suffruti
    xi - ANiMA
    光吉猛修の兄 - Amphisbaena
    Ice - ImmoraL
    Team Grimoire - Grimoire of Darkness
    cosMo@暴走P - WalpurgisNacht
    Zektbach - Blind Justice それぞれの正義
    Zektbach - Overture -Ristaccia- 序曲~リスタチア~
    xi - World Fragments II
    xi - World Fragments I
    xi - World Fragments III
    Sakuzyo - Fantom
    削除 - Neurotoxin
    削除 - Vallista
    削除 - AXION
    Suns of Ain - dEparting Ceres
    Clonepa - Maria-sama Truly Hates You!!!
    Igorrr - Moldy Eye
    Igorrr - Tendon
    xi - Aragami
    Taishi - chapter2 The First Velocity
    t+pazolite - To Luv Me I*** For U. (Mangled By Betwixt & Between)
    Betwixt & Between - Self Extortion (Live Edit)
    teranoid vs. Betwixt & Between - 妖 -AYAKASHI-
    Betwixt & Between - Nanosecond Eternity
    Dischord - Deadly Game
    Quark - You Saw
    6th - Fuck You Up
    Laur - Longinus
    RADWIMPS - 前前前世 (DJ FALCHiON Bootleg)
    300yEn - Flyin’ errwhere
    Noizenecio - Trick of Phantom
    kenta-v.ez. - you ArE NEvEr ALoNE oN thE dANcEfLoor
    Noizenecio feat. Dischord - Undead Machine
    DJ Noriken - Divineness
    DJ Myosuke - Bottom of the Thought (Kobaryo Remix)
    Kobaryo - ヤンデレのハードコアに死ぬほど略
    ぷにぷに電機 - こ・い・ぶ・み~南国GABBA mix~
    ALL NERD IS LOVE - Kancolle 2017 feat. anubasu-anubasu (ANIL Beta Ver.)
    Jockie’MASTA BASS’Suama - G Vs E
    Yasuetti - UmaUma DB
    BRC™ • AKI - Shelter
    Endro Chan NRC - Never Gonna Give You Up JK
    DJ KUBUS - Snow Ha1ation RMX Hard 2016 [Shimotsukei]
    Aki - Natsu wo matte imashita
    Liet - Neverending
    DJ KUBUS - UMR db [sae]
    Shisotex - Chiu Fo New Pumpin 2013
    Lolistyle Gabbers - Mic Liner
    Archari & Shimotsukei – Paradise (Blue Phoenix Remix)

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    01.The Saga Begins (intro)
    02.Ode to a Superhero
    03.White & Nerdy
    07.Amish Paradise
    08.You’re Pitiful
    09.Livin’ In The Fridge
    11.Couch Potato
    12.Phony Calls
    13.Jurassic Park
    14.It’s All About The Pentiums
    15.Bedrock Anthem
    16.Headline News
    17.Party In The CIA
    19.You Make Me
    20.My Bologna
    21.Happy Birthday
    23.I Love Rocky Road
    24.The Plumbing Song
    25.Weasel Stomping Day
    26.She Drives Like Crazy
    27.I Lost On Jeopardy
    28.Jerry Springer
    30.The White Stuff
    31.Addicted To Spuds
    33.Living With A Hernia
    34.Callin’ in Sick
    35.Harvey The Wonder Hamster
    36.Smells Like Nirvana
    37.Word Crimes
    38.Achy Breaky Song
    39.Isle Thing
    40.Perform This Way
    41.Since You’ve Been Gone
    42.Hardware Store
    43.Like a Surgeon
    45.Sports Song
    46.I Can’t Watch This
    47.Stop Forwarding That Crap To Me
    49.Money For Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies
    51.Do I Creep You Out
    52.Pretty Fly For A Rabbi
    53.Eat it
    54.(This Song’s Just) Six Words Long
    55.Whatever You Like
    56.Don’t Download This Song
    58.Midnight Star
    59.My Baby’s In Love With Eddie Vedder
    60.Dare to be Stupid
    61.Fun Zone
    62.Polka Your Eyes Out
    63.Polkas On 45
    64.The Alternative Polka
    65.Bohemian Polka
    66.Polka Power!
    67.Polka Face
    69.The Hamilton Polka
    70.Now That’s What I Call Polka!
    71.Angry White Boy Polka
    72.Hooked on Polkas
    73.Polka Party!
    74.Bite me (outro)

    Wat een kerel 😀😀😀

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