S3RL - Spoiler Alert

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    I watch pirate movies,
    Before they have come out,
    Then pull out my phone,
    and begin typin down.
    I’ll write about the ending,
    and all about the plot,
    Then post to every forum,
    and on to every blog.
    Down at the bottom,

    in tiny tiny words,

    I’ll be sure to announce
    Spoiler alert!

    When people read my comments,
    They really lose their minds,
    Screaming throughts their keyboards,
    With threats upon my life,
    They must think i’d be frightened,
    And sitting here in fear,
    But really I’m here smiling,
    And feeling on their tears
    So just to add some insult,
    To injury and hurt.
    I tell them “It’s your own fault”,
    Spoiler alert!

  • Ik vind hem leuk klinken :)

  • s3rl maakt echt goeie muziek hoor! zoals friendzoned


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