Gedicht | Though the night of destiny

  • Dream, what spirit I behold,
    what kind of thought gives serenity
    That the life before me were a dream,
    waking up in reality

    In my own home,
    my dignity
    and trust,
    have left young boyhood, my singing soul

    I see stars in their orbits
    light drags the sky above me
    It’s me who stood, with silence and solitude

    I do believe, That the soul relieves pain,
    When hope, feels once again

    Whenever i could see,
    My own past- mystically,
    and i leave years behind me,
    and see angels in my path.

    It’s now i know, what a great time I’m going to have,
    you could ask me how i feel,
    how i froze,
    In time so close,

    I became a better man,
    and here is where i stand.

    I will not hesitate to let people in my home,
    my heart.

    I’ll discover soft hearts and gentle caress,
    and let stress flow into streams and tears.
    It may fill our eyes.

    A new journey of our life will pass,
    will start.

    We’ll share drama.
    We’ll share fate.

    We don’t go down with the storm,
    it’s never too late.

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