Wat betekend het als je manufactor mode bij de bios ziet

  • Ik start de pc op en voordat de bios start zie ik ‘manufactor mode unlocked’. Wat is dit en hoe kan ik dat oplossen?

  • Dit heb ik kunnen vinden.

    Manufacturing Program Mode Error When Notebook Powers On

    To resolve this issue, manually reset the notebook by performing the following actions:

    1. Power on the notebook and wait for the Manufacturing Program Mode message to display.
    2. Make sure the AC adapter is connected to the notebook, then power off the notebook.
    3. Disconnect the AC adapter, then reconnect it.
    4. Power on the notebook. The Manufacturing Program Mode screen displays again and the counter increases by 1. For example, if the original message was “Manufacturing Program Mode set: 1 of 10”, it then becomes " Manufacturing Program Mode set: 2 of 10" upon restart.
    5. Power off the notebook.
    6. Repeat steps 3~5 to increase the counter toward 10.

    When the notebook restarts on the 10th attempt, Manufacturing Program Mode is automatically and permanently disabled and the notebook enters its correct boot sequence.

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